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PHP - How to create zip file and download using ZipArchive ?

Today, i am going to share with you how to create zip file using ZipArchive then give for download. So here i will give you very simple example to do this. We may require to create zip archive file using php code. We need to add some photos, docs etc on that zip file then give download. So here i am going to make very simple function createZip() that will help to create zip archive file. Using this function you have to simple pass array of file, docs, picture with path. So here i make very simple index.php file and you have to just copy that and run it. Make sure you have two image file sho.....

By Hardik Savani | September 24, 2017 | | 23590 Viewer | Category : PHP

Laravel 5 - multiple files download with response example

If you need to give to download multiple files response from out application. If you require to give download only on file then you can do it easily like this way: <pre class="prettyprint lang-php"> return response()->download(public_path('myimage.jpg')); </pre> But if you need to give multiple images files or docs etc then you can't do it this way: <pre class="prettyprint lang-php"> return response()->download([public_path('myimage.jpg'),public_path('myimage2.jpg')]); </pre> But you must have to create single zip file or something. So first you need to use zipper package, i added zipp.....

By Hardik Savani | May 14, 2016 | | 33446 Viewer | Category : Laravel

Laravel 5 create and download zip file example using chumper/zipper composer package

Sometimes, we need to create file of our project directory and give to download that zip file to users. we are always prefer zip file because it is very safe and secure from virus. If you want to generate zip file and donwload that file in your laravel 5 application then you do it easily using chumper/zipper composer package. In this post i give you example to create zip file and donwload from scratch. So first we have to follow bellow step for install package. First fire following command on your terminal. <strong>Installation Package</strong> <pre>composer require chumper/zipper</pre> After.....

By Hardik Savani | May 10, 2016 | | 95588 Viewer | Category : Laravel