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How to optimize website speed and performance in Laravel 5.5 ?

It is very important for every website to quick load that means your website should load in few seconds like 4 or 5. We are always fetching issues about page speed like how to increase website speed in laravel, how to reduce loading time of website in laravel, is it possible speed up php execution time of my website, how to optimize php laravel script to increase speed, how to speed up web browsing in laravel. So basically you have several question regarding to improve your website performance in laravel. However, There are several composer packages available for increase website page speed i.....

By Hardik Savani | November 12, 2017 | | 4888 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel

Codeigniter 3 - Basic CRUD application with MySQL Example with Demo

Today I am going to share with you how to create insert update delete operation with validation in codeigniter 3 application with demo example. this tutorial will help to create simple CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) Operation application using MySQL Database with validation. As we know well we always require to create basic CRUD module for products, items etc using mysql database. It is primary requirement for any web application. So in this example i will explain example of add, edit and delete record using codeigniter 3 and mysql database. I am extending this tutorial and will add functio.....

By Hardik Savani | November 4, 2017 | | 2854 Viewer | Category : PHP Bootstrap HTML jQuery MySql Codeigniter

Laravel - Dynamically Add or Remove input fields using JQuery

Today, i am going to share with you how to add more fields using jquery in laravel 5.5 application, i also implemented Dynamically Generated Fields validation, so if you have add dynamically more then one fields with laravel validation then you are at right place. We may sometime require to generate dynamic add more fields using jquery in your php laravel application. List if you have to add more then one stock with date wise and need to add in single form. So basically you require to add more function that way client can add and remove dynamically their stock with date. So here i make very s.....

By Hardik Savani | October 28, 2017 | | 14902 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel Javascript Bootstrap HTML jQuery MySql Ajax

How to set maxlength for textarea in javascript ?

Today, i was planing to post something like regarding to javascript. I was thinking what post should i add and i plan to make maxlength validation with display remaining character count using javascript. So you can simply make character limit with remaining counter in javascript. Here, i am going to make very simple example to do this, you don't require to import jquery. You have to just write following javascript code. So I used onkeyup and onkeydown event of code javascript. It would be easy to use using onkeydown and onkeyup event and make it character count validation in html. So let's j.....

By Hardik Savani | October 18, 2017 | | 867 Viewer | Category : Javascript HTML

Laravel 5.5 Simple CMS Website example using asgardcms

Today i am going to share with you how to use cms in laravel 5.5 application. As we know wordpress is best cms in the world and almost people like to use cms for his company website or blog. But if we think about codding style, security or structure then laravel framework is a best. So There are several provide laravel cms to make quick back end admin panel and also work like wordpress blog. So, in this post i would like to introduce same simple cms using laravel, that know as "asgard cms". asgard cms provide very simple modules function and you can simply quick create modules like on wordpre.....

By Hardik Savani | October 15, 2017 | | 5860 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel Bootstrap MySql Installation Ubuntu

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