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Laravel 5.5 - Validation Data Return - New Feature

laravel released 5.5 version a few days ago and they also introduce several new feature. So in this post i will let you know one new feature, they provide new way to validation check using request() and validate(). In this post i will give you three way to check validation and store input data into variable. So let's simple see how we can check and return back to validation. so just check bellow way to check validation: <strong>Example 1:</strong> <pre class="prettyprint lang-php"> public function store() { $this->validate(request(), [ 'name' => 'required', 'email' => 'required|ema.....

By Hardik Savani | August 18, 2017 | | 643 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel

Simple PHP Ajax Form Validation Example from scratch

In this post, i would like to share useful jquery ajax form validation example from scratch. As we know todays, jquery become more popular and more powerful. So here i will show you server side php validation and we will check using jquery ajax request. I will give you very basic and simple example of bootstrap form with ajax validation in php, so it don't take much more time. Here, i will create PHP contact us form using html bootstrap framework. When you click on "Send Message" button it will fire ajax post request and check validation and display it as now on bellow preview. I will create .....

By Hardik Savani | August 10, 2017 | | 2365 Viewer | Category : PHP Bootstrap HTML jQuery Server Ajax

Simple Tags System Example in Laravel 5

If you are writing article for your blog or your personal website then you must need to implement taggable system in your website. If you write article or post for food then you have to create tags like on foods name, foods type etc. You also maybe see on there are several blog or website available tags bellow the article. So if you want to add tags in your article and you are using laravel framework then you are on right place. In this post, i will give you example of how to generate tags system in laravel 5 application using rtconner/laravel-tagging composer package. here i will simple crea.....

By Hardik Savani | August 6, 2017 | | 8483 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel Bootstrap jQuery MySql

PHP - jquery datatables with mysql database example from scratch

Today, i am going to share with you how to use jQuery datatable plugin in php mysql project. i will also describe small example of data table with server side scripting, here i will use PHP and MySQL to get data from server side. So you have to simple follow few step and will get small quick example. DataTables is a jquery library that provide pagination, instant search and multi-column ordering to HTML table. DataTables easily use with normal jquery ui project, bootstrap. We can simply get records from server side using ajax. In this example, i created "users" table with id, name, email fie.....

By Hardik Savani | August 3, 2017 | | 3048 Viewer | Category : PHP Javascript HTML jQuery MySql Ajax

Laravel 5 curl request example using ixudra/curl package

If you know about php curl then you can simply run get, post request and get data from url. php curl is very interesting things. if you know and use in with php then you have to do curl_ini(), curl_setopt(), curl_exec() and curl_close() etc that way we can simply run request. But, If you require to fire curl request in laravel 5 application then you don't require to do curl_init(), curl_close() etc. We can run request very easily and get response in json. so we will use ixudra/curl composer package for run curl request very simple. Using ixudra curl package you can very simply curl post re.....

By Hardik Savani | July 30, 2017 | | 5466 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel CURL

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