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How to create blade view file using command line in Laravel?

In this tutorials i gonna share with you Amazing artical, "How to install laravel in your Android Phone". this artical is very helpfull for performe a small tack for laravel on your Android phone without open your PC or laptop.so let's start. i will explain all thins one by one. so please followed all step and you can easely install or run laravel applilcation in your Android Phone. <strong class="step">Step 1 : Install "Termux" Aplication from Google Play Store</strong> Termux is provide all functionality like as terminal, which we are using in our Ubuntu OS. then after you simple open it ap.....

By Hardik Savani | April 4, 2017 | | 23472 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel Android

Laravel 5 create custom artisan command with example

It's better if we make our own artisan command for like project setup, create new admin user etc in our laravel application. If we create custom command then we can make project setup like create one admin user, run migration, run seeder and etc. In this post i give you example, how to create console commands in laravel project. <div class="text-center"><img src="/upload/Laravel-5-Custom-Artisan-Command.png" style="border:2px solid" class="img-responsive"></div> In this example will create custom command for create new admin user. This custom command will ask your name, email and password. I.....

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