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Multiple Database Connection in PHP Codeigniter 3

Today, I want to share with you how to connect multiple databases in PHP CodeIgniter 3 application. it is very easy to configure multiple databases in CodeIgniter app. you can simply add database query, join etc with multiple databases. As we know well, in today we may need to add multiple databases on our application. all then framework provides multiple database connections. Codeigniter also provide multiple database connections in a single app. We have to simply add database configuration array to database.php file. Then we can simple load specific database data by using "$this->load->dat.....

By Hardik Savani | February 27, 2018 | | 18932 Viewer | Category : PHP MySql Codeigniter

Multiple database connections in laravel 5 Application

you can set multiple database connections in same laravel application. Laravel provide configration file for setup multiple database connections. you can see config/database.php file and see mysql multiple database connections. you can add setting another mysql database detail like this way: <strong>config/database.php</strong> <pre class="prettyprint lang-php"> return [ <br/> 'fetch' => PDO::FETCH_CLASS, <br/> 'default' => env('DB_CONNECTION', 'mysql'), <br/> 'connections' => [ 'sqlite' => [ 'driver' => 'sqlite', 'database' => database_path('data.....

By Hardik Savani | May 8, 2016 | | 31106 Viewer | Category : Laravel

Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed - Ubuntu phpmyadmin Resolve?

When i was working on my PHP project since last 1 year on my current system and phpmyadmin was working very well. but one day i was working on my prjects and electricity off suddenly and when electricity on, i start my system again and open localhost/phpmyadmin, then i found following error: <pre>Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.</pre> I did try lot to solve. i also reboot my ubuntu 14.04 system again but i found still that issue. i was very disappointed from this issue. But when i open my PHP Laravel framework project i found bellow issue: <pre>can't connect.....

By Hardik Savani | April 8, 2016 | | 15602 Viewer | Category : Ubuntu