Laravel 5 - multiple files download with response example

By Hardik Savani | May 14, 2016 | | 7305 Viewer | Category : Laravel

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If you need to give to download multiple files response from out application. If you require to give download only on file then you can do it easily like this way:

return response()->download(public_path('myimage.jpg'));

But if you need to give multiple images files or docs etc then you can't do it this way:

return response()->download([public_path('myimage.jpg'),public_path('myimage2.jpg')]);

But you must have to create single zip file or something. So first you need to use zipper package, i added zipper package on my previous post you can install from here : Laravel 5 create and download zip file example using chumper/zipper composer package

Ok, now you can write controller method this way for download multifiles response:

Controller Method

public function donwloadMultipleFile()



return response()->download(public_path('mydir/'));


Try this way it can help you.......

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