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How to get user agent value in Laravel 5?

If you are work on laravel 5 application and you require to get user agent(user agent mean user browser details like firefox, cherome etc) then you can get easy. you don't need to use $_SERVER variable like native PHP, but laravel 5 provide Request facade. you can fetch easy using following example:<strong class="example">Example</strong><pre class="prettyprint lang-php">public function ImpressionCount(Request $request){$impre['useragent'] = $request->server('HTTP_USER_AGENT');$input['ip'] = $request->ip();print($input);}</pre>

By Hardik Savani | April 5, 2016 | | 13170 Viewer| Category : Laravel

How to use foreach object in Nodejs ?

Normally, we does use foreach loop in PHP, JS etc, but when i was working on socket programming at that time i require to use foreach of object in server.js. I did also search on google and try to how to use foreach in Node JS. At last i found to use forEach and solve it. so, let's see following example.<strong >Example</strong><pre class="prettyprint lang-php">socket.on("newmessage", function(obj) {obj = JSON.parse(obj);obj.forEach(function(items) { console.log(items.userid); var e = "notify-"+items.userid; io.sockets.emit(e, 1);});});</pre>

By Hardik Savani | March 31, 2016 | | 15580 Viewer| Category : PHPLaravelNode JS

Laravel 5.2 API using JWT authentication tutorial from scratch example

In this post i want to share you how to create API in Laravel 5.2 with using JWT, If you are beginner then It is a very simple way to create and it is pretty easy to undestand how to create API. After this you can make more secure and complex your API. you can learn JWT authentication from back-end side. we have to learn how to works API from front-end and back-end side. i give you both side fully example how it works and use.<img width="100%" src="/upload/laravel-jwt.png" style="border:2px solid cadetblue">JWT stand for Json Web Token. JWT will helps to create authentication and connect fro.....

By Hardik Savani | March 31, 2016 | | 211922 Viewer| Category : LaraveljQueryAngularJSAjaxJWT

Ajax - Cross-Origin Request Blocked in Larave 5?

When i was working on my laravel 5 project and i was making backend API, i created successfully but when front-end developer call API which i made. It's return like: "Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://learnl52.hd/register. (Reason: CORS header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' missing)." and i did try to how to solve this issue. I did also try with jquery and angularjs from backend but result nothing always.At last i did found how to solve this issue, i made one middleware that allows to Cross-Origin Request in your laravel appli.....

By Hardik Savani | March 30, 2016 | | 29097 Viewer| Category : LaraveljQueryAngularJSAjax

How to add query string automatically on laravel pagination links ?

For example you are working on items module and you have a index page like listing all items with pagination. also you did give search function on items name. I have a bellow query string when i search something and i want to pass that query string on all pagination link.<strong class="example">Query String URL:</strong><pre>http://text.hd/admin/products?name=test&page=1</pre>But where is problem. when you search any for example "tes" and get the result but when you click on next page you can't filter on name as you did "tes". so at that time we have to appends that query string on pagina.....

By Hardik Savani | March 30, 2016 | | 10427 Viewer| Category : Laravel

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