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How to get minimum key value of array in PHP?

Sometimes, you need to get minimum key value of your array but you try to get with loop and any function etc, but in bellow example you can see we can get smallest key value from our php array by using min() and array_keys(). So, let's try to use in your code this way: <strong>Example:</strong> <pre class="language-php"> $myArray = ['2'=>'Hey','4'=>'Hello','1'=>'Hi','3'=>'GH']; $new_key = min(array_keys($myArray)); $new_val = $myArray[$new_key]; print_r($new_val); </pre>

By Hardik Savani | February 12, 2016 | | 645 Viewer | Category : PHP

How to store all record in laravel5 Cache

if you are work with large application which depend on large query and required large number of record at that time your application performence littel bit down. that problem overcome with laravel Cache functionality. Laravel Cache provide to you store your large query in cache so your application performence improve. first of all you must write <stong>"use Cache"</strong> keyword on top of the your class Here is an example using Laravel’s Fluent Query Builder: <pre class="language-php"> $users = DB::table('order') ->orderBy('price', 'desc') ->take(10) ->.....

By Hardik Savani | February 11, 2016 | | 1774 Viewer | Category : Laravel

How to set scroll to bottom in jquery?

Sometimes, we need to set scroll bottom as default by using jquery, in bellow example you can see i use scrollHeight for get the total height of scroll class div with scroll, and at last i use animate with scrollTop attribute and set bottom, So Basically when your page will load then automatically scroll as bottom. <strong>Example:</strong> <pre class="code language-html"> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Scroll Down bottom</title> <script src=""></script> </head> <body> <div cl.....

By Hardik Savani | February 11, 2016 | | 1732 Viewer | Category : PHP HTML jQuery

How to create custom facade in laravel 5.2?

Sometimes we are use repeat code and repeatedly use function at that time we can create custom facade for our project, that way you can create functions and use it.So, How to generate custom facade, I give you the few step to create custom facade: <strong>Step 1:Create class file app/ItSolution/DemoClass.php</strong> In Following step, first you should create "ItSolution" directory in app folder and create file DemoClass.php(<strong style="color:red">app/ItSolution/DemoClass.php</strong>).now copy the following code in your DemoClass.php file. <strong>app/ItSolution/DemoClass.php</strong> <pr.....

By Hardik Savani | February 10, 2016 | | 15967 Viewer | Category : Laravel

Check and Uncheck checkboxes using JQuery

Sometimes we need to Select and Deselect all checkboxes like you see on gmail if you check top checkbox then automatically select other all.So, we can do using jquery and its method prop().In Following example you can see how is that and use this example simply: <strong>Example:</strong> <pre class="code language-html"> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Select and Deselect Checkbox</title> <script src=""></script> </head> <body> <input name="subject_all" class="subject-all" type=.....

By Hardik Savani | February 10, 2016 | | 735 Viewer | Category : HTML jQuery

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