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How to fix and recover a “corrupt history file” in zsh?

Many user use ubuntu OS and many user face one of the common problem several time like “corrupt history file in zsh" most of time face this problem when reboot your OS so, How to fix this problem please follow this command and fix that. <pre class="language-mysql"> mv .zsh_history .zsh_history_bad strings .zsh_history_bad > .zsh_history fc -R .zsh_history </pre>

By Hardik Savani | January 31, 2016 | | 655 Viewer | Category : Ubuntu

How to check empty or null in Mysql Query?

If you want to check empty or null value with conditional statement like case when and if in table row with Mysql database. you like to check empty or null value form table then you have multiple way check that. first we check empty value with case when statement then following example. <strong>Empty Check:</strong> <pre class="language-mysql"> SELECT (CASE WHEN COALESCE(email,'')!='' THEN email ELSE '' END) as test FROM `customers` ---------------------OR---------------------- SELECT (CASE COALESCE(email,'') WHEN '' THEN '' ELSE email END) as test FR.....

By Hardik Savani | January 31, 2016 | | 755 Viewer | Category : PHP MySql

How to copy one table data into another table using Mysql Query?

If you are working on php or any php framwork and you want to copy one table into other table by using sql query, so you could do it using simple SELECT and INSERT statement. just you need to think how you can use. In Following example you can see how to fetch data from "post" table and how to insert into "post_copy" table, so basically you have to select field of one that you want to copy and second one give name of table with proper field that you want insert. But don't forgot to give a name of field otherwise it generate error. <pre class="language-mysql"> INSERT INTO `post_copy` (name,sl.....

By Hardik Savani | January 30, 2016 | | 1246 Viewer | Category : PHP MySql

How to add text on image in laravel 5?

if you are use laravel and you want to add text on image or resize, crop image then we can do with "intervention/image" pakacke. you have to just follow few step and you can add text on image. <strong>Step 1 : </strong>you have to add package on your laravel project by using composer like : <pre>composer require intervention/image</pre> <strong>Step 2 :</strong> then you have to add provider path and alias path in config/app.php file like : In $provides : <pre>'Intervention\Image\ImageServiceProvider'</pre> In $aliases : <pre>'Image' => 'Intervention\Image\Facades\Image'</pre> <strong>.....

By Hardik Savani | January 30, 2016 | | 3468 Viewer | Category : Laravel

How to get days difference between two dates in laravel?

Whenever you need to get difference between two dates in date in laravel 5 then you can get easily using Carbon. Laravel by default provide Carbon class. Carbon class throught you can calculate difference between two dates in days. In Following example you can see, we have a two dates, first $to variable and second one $from variable. Carbon class diffInDays function using you can get difference between two dates. I hope you will find your solution. <strong>Example:</strong> <pre class="language-php"> $to = \Carbon\Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:s:i', '2015-5-5 3:30:34'); $from = \Carbon\.....

By Hardik Savani | January 29, 2016 | | 2646 Viewer | Category : Laravel

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