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Laravel 5 - Implementing datatables tutorial using yajra package

Today, I am going to share with you How to use datatables in your laravel 5 application. In this example you can datatables using yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle package. Datatables provides us quick search, pagination, ordering, sorting and etc. Datatables is basically jQuery plugins that allows you to add advanced interaction controls to your HTML tables data. Datatables also provide ajax for data searching and getting. you can give very quick layout for search and sorting using Datatables. You can also implement Datatables in your laravel application. You have to just follow few step for .....

By Hardik Savani | December 4, 2016 | | 2062 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel Bootstrap

PHP - multiple file uploading dropzone js example

We always require to make multiple file or image uploading function in our common website or project. We use input with multiple with image upload but it's not looks great and user does not like pretty much, so you should make it better. Image uploads is very common for all website, But if you are working on PHP or any PHP framework like laravel, codeigniter, yii etc then you can simply use dropzoneJS library. Dropzone JS Library provide us to drag and drop multiple file uploading. Dropzone JS is a open source javascript library. Dropzone JS library is very simple to use. Dropzone JS also pro.....

By Hardik Savani | December 4, 2016 | | 1749 Viewer | Category : PHP Javascript Bootstrap jQuery

How to get filename from file path in MySQL?

Sometimes we require to get filenames from path of table column in MySQL. If you are working on PHP then you can simply use basename() pre-define function of code PHP, But in MySQL you can't use basename() in select query. This mysql function you can use in code PHP, PHP framework like laravel, codeigniter etc. However, you can get simply filename or image name from path using SUBSTRING_INDEX() of MySQL. You can extract filename from path using substring_index(), substring_index() take three argument, first for column name, second for split string chat, and third get last element from split. .....

By Hardik Savani | November 30, 2016 | | 405 Viewer | Category : PHP MySql

PHP - import excel file into mysql database tutorial

In this post, i going to explain how to import excel file into mysql database using PHP. In this post i will give you full example of csv file, ods file, xls file, xlsx file import into database using phpexcel package. We always require to add data from admin panel like products, items, users, emails etc. If we have few records and require to add manually then it is ok, But if we have more data on excel file or csv file then it take long time to store data, At that time we can use direct import xls file or csv file into mysql database. So, In this tutorial i am using Spreadsheet_Excel_Reade.....

By Hardik Savani | November 27, 2016 | | 1387 Viewer | Category : PHP Bootstrap MySql

Laravel 5 - create quick backend admin panel tutorial

Today, I am going to share with you How to create admin panel in Laravel 5 Application. In this tutorial we will create quick simple back-end admin panel using voyager package. We always require to create admin area for every website. Admin Panel keep dynamic our website. Admin Panel through admin user can handle website dynamically like change title, meta-data, posts and etc other modules. So If you are working on Laravel framework and you require to create quick admin panel then you can do it using voyager package. voyager package through we can make quick back-end in our Laravel 5. This pa.....

By Hardik Savani | November 27, 2016 | | 7971 Viewer | Category : PHP Laravel Bootstrap Installation

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